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Namlar (EP, 2014)

Namlar EP

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1. Nails Scrape Frustration

2. The Unsuccessful Exit

3. Something Black

4. Bram Stoker Blues

Namlar are:
Niklas Andreasson: guitar
Mikael Linusson: drums
Andreas Redebratt: vocals, bass guitar

Lyrics by Redebratt, music by Namlar.
Recorded at Studio Figge in March/April, 2014.
Produced by Namlar, engineered and mastered by Andreasson.
Sleeve photography and design by Linusson.

Copyright © 2014 Namlar. All rights reserved.

A Fool's Paradise (solo album, 2013)

Download the entire album in 192k MP3 format (75.3 MB ZIP file)

1. Prologue

2. A Fool's Paradise

3. News from the Island

4. Silent Rain

5. The Dancer's Tale

6. Of Green and Gold

7. On the Meadow

8. Before the Leaves Fall

9. The East Wind

10. Elegy

11. Towards the Shore

12. Flight from Arcadia/Epilogue

Niklas Andreasson: guitar, bass guitar, drum and synth programming, composition, production

Recorded at Studio Figge between October, 2012 and April, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Niklas Andreasson. All rights reserved.