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Introduction to the Guitar School

In sharp contrast to my music theory course, which is geared towards the novice, my guitar school is aimed at the intermediate player looking to move up. This choice was intuitive at first, but became more and more conscious and deliberate as I gradually realized just how much sense it made. In my experience, it is considerably more likely that someone is an accomplished instrumentalist and a poor theorist than the other way around. Therefore, the music theory course starts out at the very beginning, but the guitar school sets out in the midst of things.

The guitar school can of course be enjoyed without any prior knowledge of music theory. There are no music examples to decipher, everything is written in tablature or chord boxes. The workout exercises are mechanical in nature, not musical, and can be implemented by any player at just about any level. Even the scales and modes can be learned by heart and put to work via muscle memory. But the theoretical underpinnings are nowhere explained, and understanding them makes it come together in a much more gratifying and self-evident way. And, as you will find out in the intro to the music theory course, I have gone out of my way to shear away every titbit of music-theoretical fact that isn’t pertinent to guitar playing.

I don’t provide stock licks. That’s not my teaching method at all. What I want to give you as a guitar player is a solid foundation of technique and theory, so that you can improvise comfortably on your own and find your very own voice and style.